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The flu has been known to buy cialis online for centuries. The first documented influenza epidemic occurred in 1580. True, at that time nothing was known about the nature of this disease. Reliably the viral nature of influenza was established in England only in 1933 by Smith, Andrews and Laidlaw, who isolated a specific virus that mainly affects the respiratory tract from the lungs of hamsters infected with a wash from the nasopharynx of influenza patients and designated them as influenza A virus. In 1940, Francis and Magil discovered influenza B virus, and in 1947 Taylor isolated another new variant of the influenza virus - C.

Since 1940, it became possible to actively study the influenza virus and its properties - the virus began to be grown in chicken embryos. Since then, a big step forward has been made in the study of influenza - the ability to mutate has been discovered, and all parts of the virus capable of variability have been identified. An important discovery, of course, was the creation of a vaccine against influenza. Influenza is an acute viral disease that can affect the upper and lower respiratory tract, is accompanied by severe intoxication and can lead to serious complications and deaths, mainly in elderly patients and children.

Influenza is a type of acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI), and according to the method of infection, and according to the main manifestations, all SARS are similar. But the flu causes much more intoxication, is often severe and leads to various complications. For the correct formation of ideas about this disease and predicting the situation, you need to understand its structure.

It is not precisely established, thanks to which protective mechanisms the reproduction of the virus stops and recovery occurs. Usually, after 2-5 days, the virus ceases to be released into the environment; a sick person ceases to be dangerous. The incubation period for influenza is very short - from infection to buy tadalafil 5mg manifestations of the disease, it takes on average from several hours to 2 days (A, C), less often up to 4 days (influenza B).

Influenza always begins acutely - the patient can accurately indicate the time of onset of symptoms. According to the severity of the course, the flu is classified as mild, moderate and severe. In all cases, to some extent, there are signs of intoxication and catarrhal phenomena. In addition, in 5-10% of cases there is also a hemorrhagic component. Intoxication has the following manifestations.

  • Signs of acute intoxication usually persist for up to 5 days. If the temperature persists longer, there is likely to be some bacterial complication.
  • in an uncomplicated course, it is usually a dry cough. Hoarseness of voice. Cutting in the eyes, lacrimation.
  • Catarrhal phenomena persist for an average of 7-10 days.
  • Small hemorrhages or vasodilation of the sclera Hemorrhages in the mucous membranes.
  • The appearance of hemorrhages on the skin is an extremely unfavorable sign in terms of prognosis.

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Today, this is not difficult to do, because modern rapid tests allow you to independently determine the influenza virus in a matter of minutes at the first suspicion. They are sold in pharmacies, they determine influenza type A, B, and also determines the H1N1 subtype - swine flu. Who is more susceptible to the flu?